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Thread: Review My New Blog

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    Review My New Blog

    Hey Guys,

    JTech | Tutorials, Technology and Inspiration

    Please review the blog its kind off new just 2 days old am working on it .

  2. The featured video in the sidebar has a problem, looks like the code is broken.

    I like how the preview image opens to the article, instead of just the picture - that is very professional. A lot of people link the preview image so it takes the person off the article and all they see is the image.

    You should have links open in a new ab or window. I clicked the ripie6 link and now I am off your site and unlikely to ever go back. Do not give your traffic away. Always open links in new windows or tabs - that way people do not leave the site.

    Since I'am off your site, I'am going to go look at this ie6 site and see what it offers.

    Well, ripie6 was a useless site, so I closed the window and am back here at netbuilders again.

    Do not give your traffic away, you worked too hard for it. Always have links open in new windows or tabs.

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    The design, placement of ads, articles and everything is great.
    Add some copyright to the footer.
    You may want to change the main logo. Maybe something contrasting.
    You may want to fill up the space next to the header logo.

    One thing i noticed, there is absolutely no flow of link juice to any internal link except the article thumbnails. I mean every link is nofollowed. Even the link attached to the logo is nofollow, all article titles are nofollow. If you haven't done this, get in touch with the one who designed your theme. Else if you know PHP just check your theme files and remove the nofollow attributes from some sections(Article titles, main logo, categories, maybe blogroll, etc..). For some you will have to access the core WP files which i don't recommend unless you know what you are doing.

    Snapshot of Nofollow : (Links covered in red are nofollow)

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    Thanks to both of you for taking out time and doing me a review , i have changed the theme recently due to problems arising in older one . can u do a review of the new theme

    & i removed nofollow on your advice

    Thanks alot

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    I like your layout and the colors you have used.

    Some of your thumbnail images are not proportional, and that kind of takes away some professionalism.

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    Looks really good now, very easy to browse to and doesn't have too many colours

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