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    Hello Guys

    I've started yet another good Blog which is just 4 days old now.

    Tech Digit

    So Far I did :

    3 Unique Article
    Some SEO work


    Ranked 17th for Opera 10 Beta 2 Keywords. See here:
    So far 300 Unique Visitors and 1300 Pages views ( Search Engines brings 5% around while other from Computer Forums )

    I will happy if people help to improve it more better.

    I welcome your suggestion and feedback.

    Just Updated: It cross 100 Unique a Day mark as from Google Analytics

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    Well, Its looking good !
    And I liked the favicon you have used.
    Its a good one. I hope it will get more success soon.

    - Digital -

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    Hey Rohit,

    You Blog didn't come alive yet, But getting nice response. That's really nice to see dude. . And your writing also great!!

    And don't do any SEO for now, Do it once it comes alive i suggest. .


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    Well thanks for great reviews and I still need comments from other too!

    So fat within 1 Week my blog get 750+ Unique visits. Top 10 Rankings for some keywords like Tech Digit, Opera 10 Beta 2, nokia 5130 review, blackberry storm vs iphone.

    Also I am getting around 400 Pages views with 41 Comments so far.

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    Hi friend, your blog is looking good..well aligned and informative..
    Follow me on Twitter: @hendricius

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    I like the site very much.

    I would add read more button to every article on frontpage. On this way your frontpage is too large.

  7. Looks pretty good, I like it and even left a comment about your Tour review

    The BlackBerry storm cost is $99 just FYI (with 2 year agreement)

    Best of luck with the site, you've got a great start
    Xbox 720 Next Generation Console - Video gamers check it out!

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    Thanks for suggestion and I also update new look with Logo.

    Also glad to know within 12 days I have good rankings in SE as well as traffic is now around 170-200/DAy unique!

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