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Thread: Review my newest article directory

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    Hello everyone!

    I just launched my article directory yesterday and I need you to review it guys. I adopted it from WordPress and I choose the magazine style because its much better than a free article directory script for WordPress. I am surprised that I already have over 20+ real members registered on the first day and they submitted their articles in my article directory. The theme looks like a regular WP blog you know, because my budget cannot afford for an Ezine-like WordPress article directory script because of financial considerations.

    Article Revenge

    I will look forward to your reviews on what needs to be improved and what additions and adjustments that I must take action, or anything you can say about it. Thanks!

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    I like it, I was looking to pick some faults but I can't find any.

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    It looks good but I don't submit articles in small AD because they too ofter stop working after one year or so and my work in lost or owners get bored with reviewing articles and they stay in queue forever.

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