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Thread: Review My Personal Blog

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    Review My Personal Blog

    Željko Aščić

    Its not yet finished.

    Template used is Revolution Black Canvas theme from here

    StudioPress Theme Demo

    But I added third column, classical blog look instead of photo blog look,
    one more footer columns, so as few other tweaks...

    I still need to add comment forms, twek navigation css, do onpage seo, but everything that was not so important, since its personal blog in question.

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    I know you asked about the template Not a good judge of what looks good thought it looked fine to me.

    Did you take all those photos? Some of those look really great. If they are yours should be uploading to photostock

    What is the country the first set of pictures are of? One of those pictures everything looks like candy stores with the bright colors. Know its not the US since the streets and sidewalks are clean.

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    Yeah I took them. I dont think they are good, I am idiot photograph, I just point and shoot, I have bunch of these on my HDD from different part of Bosnia.

    This is town where I live in Bosnia
    Bosanski Brod | Željko Aščić

    This is some forest near the town maybe 20 km
    Sedam Vukova – Vučjak – Bosanski Brod | Željko Aščić

    This is some lake in Croatia where I plan to go fishing
    Lake Mlinac – Đakovo | Željko Aščić

    This is my fav location
    its 6 km from town where I used to live in western Bosnia
    its Pliva River and its springs
    Pliva River – Šipovo | Željko Aščić

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    Look pretty decent to me, after home page tweaks.
    I think logo can be done much better, and Font color should be white or grey. Just an Honest opinion.
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