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Thread: Review My SEO Tools Websites

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    Review My SEO Tools Websites

    Hi Guys My website is 2 year old (now its 3rd year)

    Domain name is

    Let me know how is that

    Please review domain name to SEO tools performance

    Visit SEO Tools


  2. I like the "tools" part of the logo, but the "veb" part of the logo looks a bit amateurish.

    "Text Link Add" should be spelled "Text Link Ad" -- but the ad showing up in the box right now isn't a text ad.

    I like the little icons next to each tool.

    I don't understand the two categories, "Most Wanted" and "Search Engine." Of course, I've had lots of trouble categorizing my own webmaster tools collection.

    Overall the site looks good, but this is a very competitive niche.
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    Seems like a nice site. Not sure how well they work but nice looking site. Wish I had one like that

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