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Thread: Review my Warez forum

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    Review my Warez forum

    Hello can everyone review Warez Forums - Powered by vBulletin

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    • Good looking template, but I would remove one of the 2 top banners if I were you
    • You could add a nice favicon which would make your website more complete.

    That's all I can think about at the moment
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Id remove Powered by vBulletin from the title.

    Search phrases for "Powered by vBulletin" and I think its the first result. Just remove it.
    For article writing please contact me.

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    how about two banners together?

    just a suggestion O_O


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    You're using a great theme. As Aquarezz said about the ad placement and favicon, I agree with him. You should consider to design a logo, and place the second ad at the beneath of your site. Place top ad all the way to the right with 10px white space. Well...there you are!

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