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Thread: review my website

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    review my website

    Hello every one,

    please give SEO comments of my website
    what you think of this site?
    i have created it 3 months ago. and working hard with it. it reach to PR 1 in last month effort.
    my site has online movies, wallpaper, software, music, songs, video, funny clips, ebooks and much more....

    waiting 4 all u visitors comments, i can make it more userfriendly and more user adicted to my website.


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    Re: review my website

    first of all Remove Adsense, i don't think they allow Warez CMS site like yours. use any other Ads Network.

    Right Panel is total wste of space,


    MP3 Player
    Chat (Nobody chats on Warez site)
    Comments (People on read comment on what they download) TOP ~ useless
    Calender (we have built in calender in windows lol)

    be creative and use some affiliate site at right panel,

    1. Site Categories
    2. Affiliate Programs
    3. Private Ads (monthly)
    4. etc etc..

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