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  1. review new site

    i've created few days ago. and so i must start promoting it thru forums since i don't have lots of money for advertising please tell me what is needed for this to be successful. is the domain good for this article marketing directory ?

    i know the theme is just too simply, can you tell me which should be change? i think i can just do it in css.

  2. 1. First, I would modify a little bit the theme, because many wordpress based article directories looks like yours.

    2. I would add adsense to sidebars and inside the content.

    3. Maybe a personalized logo would be a good plus.

    4. The best would be to accept only unique articles (but this part is very hard taking in consideration that your site is new)

    The rest is good, imo; and... optimize, advertise and monetize
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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I have come across many sites that look same like yours..change the theme if you can..or change the color scheme..

    Bring some blue/black/grey/pink/golden baby blue with shimmering glitters...but please change the outlook for sure.. You need to stand out from the rest..

    Get rid of the blog roll.. Don't make the visitors scroll too much in order to find their desired categories.. removing one sidebar will give you the space to include more categories on top

    Get a logo..if u don't want to spend money then checkout and

    If possible, bring the login data field on top..

    Having two 'recent articles' on the homepage is unnecessary..

    Also, when you see some growth in PageRank and Alexa after sometime, make sure that you make them prominent to your visitors. Most article marketers prefer to publish articles on high PR and Alexa directories.

    Wish you luck..

  4. yes. this is what exactly i'm thinking. its is the default theme for wodpress article directory and premium theme of it costs about $70. i'm still looking for some css tutorials for worpress just to make some difference upon the look of this site from others


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    I can tell by just looking at it that it's just another free theme but it's a simple and clean theme, everything can be read easily so it makes the user experience quite well.

    The ads are placed in good positions which do not bother the visitor at all, while I believe text-based logos can also look good, but this one is way too simple. Try a different font, css tricks to make it look more like a logo and not just plain text.

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    More to go..

    The name is great, but you need to add some eye catching content. Do you design in Photoshop at all? If so break up the text by throwing in some inspired visual content, make some banners. Customize your site some so it does not look like you are only in it for the SEO aspect. You want people to stay as well as come back to the site. Bounce rate IS an important factor you know....
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