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Thread: Review our Computer Forum

  1. Review our Computer Forum

    this is our computer technicians forum cebu pctech
    can you suggest what to do with this please?

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    First: Move Forum Management and General Discussion to the bottom. Visitors should see your niche related forums first - such as networking support, etc. Anything general or off-topic always goes further down the page.

    Second: What would make anyone want to come to your forum? What's unique about it? If I was searching for a computer forum, I wouldn't see any real purpose to sign-up to yours. There's no welcome message for guests, nothing that really seems to make you stand out.

    Therefore, you need to implement a welcome message for your guests and think of some ideas that will make your forum worth signing-up to, instead of the other million computer forums out there.

  3. thanks kovich, i will move it down
    we've think about what will make users to sign up actually.
    we come up with rapidshare links but the hosting we have don't allow it. can you suggest please?

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