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Thread: [REVIEW] Pet Forums

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    [REVIEW] Pet Forums

    Site Name: Pet Forums

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    Topic: Pets and Animals

    Statistics: Posts: 34,501 | Threads: 2,994 | Members: 563

    Description: Discuss pet related topics with other owners on our friendly pet forums, help & advice for dogs, cats, rabbits & other pets. Share pet photos & videos and find the latest pet news.

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    RE: [REVIEW] Pet Forums

    I like your forum. The banner and skin are pretty good, and match well with eachother. Only thing I would change is the colour scheme. There's too much blue, and blue doesn't seem to represent pets. When I think of pets, I think of light orange, tan, etc. Either way, that is only my opinion!

    Apart from that, there really isn't anything else I can suggest. It all looks neat and organized. Great job!

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    RE: [REVIEW] Pet Forums

    1) needs a more animalistic banner :P

    2) you can use paws of different animals for forum icons

    3) orange theme wud go better with the site

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    RE: [REVIEW] Pet Forums

    I might work on an orange variation of the current theme. Thanks for the ideas.

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