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Thread: Review please

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    Review please

    Site Name: dark Community

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: 2nd February 2010

    Review Type: Mix

    Other Information: Thanks!

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    Re: Review please


    Your assessment request has been accepted. Please allow the team 72 hours to process your request, but we will do our very best to complete it before then! If you are having any problems with the expedience of your asessment then please PM Cosmic and he will attend to your assessment immediately. Thank you for choosing Admin Community!

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    Re: Review please

    It has been 3 days already...?

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    Re: Review please

    Hey man, sorry for the wait, Cosmic has had something come up. You can expect this is less than 48 hours. Thanks for using AC!

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    Re: Review please

    Initial Feelings Assessment

    It feels very basic to me. It is a widely used theme, and with defualt icons, it looks very generic. Of course any theme is nice, but some are better than others, using something new and cool can really help.

    The logo looks pretty nice, but doesn't fit in very well. I would consider a logo that runs with the themes colors. Keep the logo colors primary. Nothing out of the ordinary for that theme.

    It also seems to feel quiet, because all I see is red. Red being an admin posting. Which shows, you are all alone, I would hurry and get new members to start posting or do exchanges on the forum.

    Score: 14/20

    Content Analysis

    You activity is WAY down. You need to think of something to help get active members. Currently I see all Admin posts. I would try some exchanges to build up activity and maybe catch a few active members as collateral.

    Being a Dark Community, I thought it would be a gaming forum, however I find that it is a general board, but not that general. You seem to focus on Computers and Internet sections way more than anything else. You may have an interest in that area, however, if you are making a general forum, don't let it sneak in. You need to have even sections, nothing too large or too small.

    I also think an Administrator's posts should be way more professional and spell checked. If you use FireFox, it has a built in spell checker, or you can use websites that help out with spelling. You need to take pride in the community, not start it and just inform them of small updates. That is what Twitter is for, as half the announcements look as if they were Tweets. Also, posting every milestone you reach only really makes for spam.

    Score: 13/20

    Appearance & Stylistic Insight

    Being the most important feature of the forum, it is your worst section. This theme is used on well over 230 forums VIA Google Search. You need something fresh as your default, even though you may have alternative themes installed, you need to think of the guests, as they are your guests and most important part of any forum, their opinion of the theme can vary from closing the tab on site, to becoming a very active poster and maybe become staff. That is how big a theme effects guests.

    You need a switch ASAP. This theme does not look well with your forum, and you say your the darkest community, so why not have a dark default? Not catching on to the theme there.

    I don't think you thought much about theme, this is the biggest thing that can help you.

    Score: 14/20

    Attractiveness & Appeal Appraisal

    I have nothing compelling me to join your site, it seems like a site I would jump over, personally. This is not attractive at all. All I see is that theme, which I have seen on many forums I am on. The forum descriptions are also not as professional or as well written as I have seen on some forums.

    As a guest point of view, just blunt, I would leave the url.

    Score: 10/20

    Statistical & Analytical Inspection

    You activity is way down as stated. There have been really no topics, all of them are posts. I would make way more topics, as topics = discussion. If you have no discussions running, how will someone post? Not many guests start out on a new forum making 10 topics, it is your job as an administrator to start them and get activity flowing.

    I also see many people are elites, actually most. How are so many people elites? That looks bad, 50 posts does not mean elite most times, elite = higher or better.

    Score: 14/20

    The Summary

    I have scored you low based on my Honest opinion, that is just how it looks to me as a guest and member. It looks good, but if you change the style and do exchanges I am sure you will get active members.

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    Re: Review please


    Your assessment has been completed! The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived. Thanks for using admin community! Here is your receipt:

    Admin Community Reviews:

    Review type :: Mix

    Reviewer Name :: The Hat Tipper

    Total deducted :: 0

    Total delay time :: 4 days

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