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Thread: Review RC Jets Site

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    Review RC Jets Site

    Looking for reviews for this rc jet listing page. I have changed some fonts etc. but it either needs better text or better call to action placements.

    Should I increase the page width to accommodate more product images?

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    Being honest :
    I'd rate your site 3/10.
    It has an outdated theme which looks very much conventional. Buttons and logos don't add the much needed sparkle to the sites appearance.
    The combination of black and green hurts the eyes. Try changing the color scheme and change the fonts, add some fun stuff. Don't keep it completely related to your topic, a visitor may get bored.
    Put some image ads, smartly utilize the empty spaces and add some good graphics.

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    just put some desing to attract viewers.

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    hey, personally, I like your website colors. The colour scheme is good however, it would be better not to have the green pop into the viewers eyes. over a certain time period, it will eventually hurt someones eyes. I love the theme though. Good luck on your site.
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    i like face and title wedsite. It very amazing for everyone when they see your site.Good luck on your site.

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