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Thread: [Review Request] Looking to revamp - need ideas!

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    [Review Request] Looking to revamp - need ideas!

    Hello everyone.

    Recently, I've become aware of the fact that I have been horrifically neglecting my discussion forum and I am now looking to fix that. There is a strong, tight-knit community present that is very active. I have two dedicated moderators, as well. It has also been pulling in a profit, which is great. So, the problem? Tons of visitors - no conversions. People are coming to the forum, checking it out, and leaving. There's no new blood. I need to figure out why and then rectify it. I'm thinking of buying a brand new design and changing some things around. I just reconfigured a lot of the backend and vBSEO settings as well.

    Hopefully you can share some ideas for improvement so I can get this forum in the spotlight where it belongs. Thanks in advance.
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