URL: http://articles.runningonlinebusiness.com/
Description: RunningOnlineBusiness.com Free Article Directory is a directory of quality articles, free to use in your newsletter or website. (Gonna redo this later, probably.)

Anyway, this is a free article directory. It allows anyone with content to get backlinks and exposure for themselves and/or their site. It works just like any other popular article directory. It's highly beneficial for webmasters. Additionally, anyone looking for free content has the right to re-print articles in the directory as long as they follow our Publisher TOS which requires the "Author's Bio" to be kept in-tact. (Which is where your link(s) are!)

The template isn't anything too fancy. But I tend to keep things simple. It's nice and professional, clean and modern. However, I need to make sure that it gets the point across of what the site is and that it is easy to navigate. Any other general review-related stuff is also appreciated greatly.

Looking forward to reading some reviews.
And hopefully getting some submissions...

Thanks a lot, everyone!
~ Kovich