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    Smile Review Review My Blog

    Hi ,

    I would be glad if you can review my blog Weird-O-stuff .

    its been up for 2-3 months and is going great . i have placed no ads on main page but on posts you can see the ads . please review there locations too


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    Your blog theme and site navigation is good. But I really don't like that kind of big ad unit at just the beginning of the article. Further your AdSense ad's background color is mismatching with the web page textured background, that looks bit eccentric. Better you merge the ad with article and you may consider removing website textured background that contains articles.

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    It seems like you have a good plan for what you want to accomplish. I like the theme itself, but it doesn't seem like it really matches your overall website theme. I can't put my finger on it, but that theme just seems too elegant for "weird" stuff.

    The domain name is good too. The content is great. With this site I think bigger more obvious pictures would work better. That would draw the attention of others. What good is weird stuff if you can't really see how weird it all is? (I mean on the front page anyway. Posts are good!)

    I really like the bar on the posts that says "Sharing is sexy", where did you get it? It looks cool!

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    Very simple site, Looking cool and navigation is quite easy and loading fastly,

    I think every thing is fine with your blog.

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    You need to get a new header to replace the default. Also, I hope you are an ElegantThemes member using that theme

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    I like it - I even commented on one of the posts

    I just may come back and look to see what else you have posted in the future - and that's good!
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