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    Review Roofcash

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    Very intense banner! I suggest making the font bigger and perhaps choosing a darker yellow because in certain parts of your website you have such a bright yellow that it's nearing white. It might bother some people's eyes.

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    Interesting site, but for the most part if you're trying to sell a product you don't want to have AdSense on your site. What if someone is thinking about taking you up on your offer and then sees the AdSense ad and clicks away from your site?

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    ok, these are my impressions (average surfer):
    -Nice colorfull graphics although its a bit busy. Dont know where to start reading
    -Instead of 'why roofcash?' maybe better 'what is roofcash?'
    -Is that hotmail adress used for messenger or mail? In the latter case, beter use a more professional adress.
    -The site slips my attention after +/- 3 sec (no pun intended)


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    Here is my review:

    The website looks very professional. That might be because of so many detailed pictures.
    You have used the available space very well.

    Maybe you should consider increasing the font size a bit. It is bit hard to read now.
    And now the most important thing: Like stickycarrots said. Get rid of the AdSense ads. You will get far greater revenue by selling only your products. Don't lose your potential customers!

    I don't know If it is just me, because I have had some troubles with my internet connection, but the website loads very slowly. But maybe it is just me.

    One more thing. Maybe you should also consider changing the background to single color, instead of a picture. A least try.

    I wish you very good luck with your website.

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    The Money BackGround,Is autally pritty catchy i think and the colours blend in perfect,

    I would rate this 10/10

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    Nice initial presentation. I like the common theme of $$$$$. Also found the fonts small. I thought the "hotmail" email address with the MSN messenger icon diminished the professionalism. Can you change that to a link, or an email that doesn't look personal? I would just lose the Messenger Icon, or make it much smaller, if you want to reference your IM id.

    I also found it "hard" to figure out what you are selling, exactly. I like to know immediately, within 3-5 seconds. There's a lot of competition on my desktop!

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    Cool site!
    Great homepage layout!

    Nothing much more to tell about it


  9. if i was you i would not use images with text on them... use the images and put the text in html so it has value for search engines

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    I like the site. It would be great if middle adsense above "all the tools" sign is centered not left aligned like now.

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