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Thread: Review these two blogs

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    Review these two blogs

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    Initial thoughts onLoad: The page is very busy. It's difficult to decide where to look. There's definitely structure now, but it could use a bit more.

    1. Smaller fonts for post titles.
    2. Smaller images to the left of each post so they don't completely drown out the content.
    4. Tag cloud needs to be cut shorter. The key is to highlight hot topics.
    5. Consider incorporating some blue links into the areas you really wish to monetize. Blue would work well with your colour scheme and adds a bit of variety to your template. People also seem to like blue links.
    6. Move the Amazon ad block to the top or middle of the page for better monetization. It will likely be ignored in it's current position.
    7. Move categories down. If they like your content, they'll locate it on their own.

    Great site!

    Diet Fads

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