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Thread: Shorten Your Links! MyLinks |

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    Shorten Your Links! MyLinks |

    Site URL:
    Site Title: MyLinks |

    1. Shorten with a custom alias
    2. Shorten without a custom alias

    Browser Bookmarks - commands that you can add to your bookmarks toolbar that allow you to create a short link for the page you're on! No copying or pasting required!

    Clean and Minimalistic Site Layout - no fancy graphics or distractions. Get straight to the point of creating your link without having to wait.

    Description: Why shorten a URL? Certain things like MySpace statuses and Twitter limit the amount of characters you can use. Shorter URLs are also sms-friendly and more convenient for the everyday user.

    What do you think?

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    The site didn't load initially. After it was loaded and tried to shorten an url, the site timed out.

    After I was able to load and use it properly.

    -I like the simple design but a logo and some colors would be nice.
    -It works as advertised.
    -A 'ready to copy box' (sorry i don't know the proper terminology) with the URL selected would be very handy.
    -Cool domainname.

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    Site is good, fast and to the point. I don't see any negative thing in it.

    1. Just curious to know how are you going to make money from it?

    2. How many URLs it can shorten? I mean is there any limit or they are unlimited?

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    @Loko: Sorry about the loading issue - I was altering some settings. I'm gonna look into maybe a color scheme change and would very much like one of those 'ready-to-copy' boxes but I have no idea how to do that.

    I haven't yet determined how I can profit from the site. If I do anything, maybe I'll accept donations through PayPal if anyone feels like contributing, or I'll put a small banner advertisement on the page. I don't want to do anything too obtrusive or annoying. As for the number of URLs it can shorten - unlimited. There are no limitations or restrictions.

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