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Thread: Site Appraisal - Could review it also I like feedback

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    Site Appraisal - Could review it also I like feedback

    I know this is reviews and seemed to be the best fit to me I not looking for a review but an approximate value for a website.

    This is another proxy listing site I stopped working on a couple months ago so its not fully finished like the template page and some of the content aside from that its a fully operational site. Site gets around 35 hits a day only added to my signatures so no promotion done has a PR3 and I think a good domain aside from it being a .info Has made no money since I haven't put any ads on the site.

    URL: Proxy Locator

    I am thinking of selling it also to lighten my load of sites that require my attention.

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  2. Which proxy list script is it running? Is seems that would be part of the valuation. That looks like Proxy List Script, which is $199.

    It's PR3, so that adds value.

    Valuations are so random.

    <rolling dice>

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    It called ProxyListPro was a script sold by nastynappy on DP banned member who is no longer supporting it. The newest versions of it were encoded and required his site online to work ( license verifications ) and he let the domain drop so none of the encoded versions work. So this one is one of the few that is not encoded. I dont recall the cost when I got it think it was like $20 is all.

    Decent script but lacking features. Needs a coder to add these features. Half temped to pay the one who did the work on centurian to redo it this script again with the additional features then sell my own script. Just not sure how legal branching off someone elses work is.

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    It got that wrong.

    Personally, I think it could do with a better logo. It's a fairly tight fit on a 1024x768 resolution screen, but it fits (bonus points). I'm not seeing a copyright icon in the footer. Ad placement is good. Perhaps consider more emphasis on the actual proxy list, than the content itself. I've seen much worse.

    Estimated value: $80-$120

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