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    Smile Site Reviews and Help

    HI all!

    Can i Please get some feed back! For

    The main problem i am having is should i stick with this free script or just go to WordPress. I am not sure this script is going to meet my needs in the long run for example if i want to add more to it like a blog. would i even want to add a blog to a article syndicatesite? I am not sure if the built in seo of this script is any good.

    Is this a site you would use to put some articles on?

    How do syndicate sites rank for ranking?

    the script is @

    was thinking about turning it into a site like but may be little out of my scope. at least tell more WordPress plugins get updated to 3.3.1

    Thanks Saturn

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    At the very least, I would add some information about the site itself, purpose, goals etc. All I see is a site with just articles and I don't know what that means

    I will leave the technical review up to the pros.

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    Thanks loko.

    I think i will be scraping the site. i think i have a better plan for it. i am working on so many projects at this time i am not sure when i will get back to it.

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