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Thread: [.SockWizard.] - Added to the list

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    Site Name: Gaming Concept

    Site Link:

    Opening Date:

    March 9th?

    Review Type: Mix.. i guess.


    I don't really care. :c

    Other Information: Hello! I would like to make members become active and stay that way.

    (for all of eternity)

    Your test account-

    User- bot

    pass - legacy

    Friendliness of Staff & Members:

    Number of Active Members

    Staff Interaction:

    Quality of posts:

    Community Interest:

    Uniqueness of the Community:

    Final Remarks: ? I don't get it.

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    Your reviewer is Gabe

    Your assessment request has been accepted by the assessment team.

    Please allow the reviewer of your website 72 hours to complete your assessment package. We will do our very best to complete it before then.

    If you are having any problems with the expedience of your assessment then please Private Message Gabe and he will attend to your assessment immediately.

    Thank you for choosing the Admin Community.

    Notes: Please bare with me, i'm doing several reviews all by myself

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    Ah I understand.

    Prosper! You can do it! You just gotta believe!

    Kay thanks.

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    np, i've got lots of work coming up in school and online

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    I don't understand what I have to change.

    Is this well?

    (I know that it's offline.. but for later..)

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