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Thread: requests a review.

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    Smile requests a review.

    Howdy all,

    Just was wondering if someone would review my site.


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    Website loads pretty fast.
    Nice favicon
    Content looks good
    Adsense placements OK

    Stupid navigation, for me as FF users (maybe in other browsers too) the menu is hard to click.
    Forum looks good, but really needs a new banner.

    It's a pretty good site in my opinion
    |Nico Lawsons

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    The design is nice. Maybe i preffer another fonts, buts that a matter of "taste".
    Try to invite friends to help you filling more you forum, otherwise it looks lonely.

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    I think it looks good. I just don't like the mirror affect with the logo.

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    One Post, Many Responses.

    Thanks guys, here's some responses.

    Navigation: Fixed, now works in the big 3, instead of just IE an Opera. (my bad, a hand-coded CSS error, didn't check final version in FF) BUGFIX KUDOS TO Aquarezz!

    Forum: Yeah new banner needed.

    Font: Was chosen for readability, is it a color problem? (Contrast was high enough I thought...)

    Forum Membership: Deffinitely need more people using ZB Block and commenting. Also registration causes 1 more forum to be shown.

    Logo Mirror: A lady friend of mine didn't like that either, but several other people did like my raytraced logo. So I ask, what would look better?

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