I've been working on Tech Noxx just a little, over the past few days or so. It's time to ask for some feedback. It's time to find out if these changes were for the good or the bad.

Home page: http://www.technoxx.com/

Tech Noxx is now running WordPress. I was previously running a custom CMS. It made no sense to continue that practice. I wanted the ability to use plugins, to save time adding new articles and faster indexing times. I've also noticed around a 2-3% CTR increase, since I added the link unit, and increased the width of the theme (in relation to Tech Noxx's old theme). I've had some matching business cards printed too.

Discussion page: http://discussion.technoxx.com/

I've also *just* released a new technical support forum. I've added this in attempt to develop some return traffic, and to give me ideas on the sorts of information that people are after.

What do you think about these new updates? What do you think of Tech Noxx in general?