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Correct me if I'm wrong... But SE's don't see graphics?
Yes they see images, but they dont notice your design graphics, why else you should enter alt tags for your images.
It is just subjective suggestion.

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What else could I put up in the menu, if I were to move the Privacy Policy into the footer?
Think something. Maybe you can add link to arrange articles by top hits, top rated, you can add pages with some usefull tech resources, you can add about (site will look serious).

You can add google link ads to the whole rest of the menu. One of my best performing ads are link ads.

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Talk me into it. I've never liked RSS, I've always found my content republished (in most instances without a linkback) at thousands of different locations.
First you will make that only first 50 words or some ammount of letters are appearing in the rss. Second you submit that rss to maybe 80 rss article aggregators and directories. After that after posting every article you will get 50-60 backlinks to it almost instantly. Your articles will get better weight.