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    Just out of interest would like to hear what others think of my site, a few things I like to point out, the theme is custom made and I not interest in if you like it or not as I spent a lot of time developing it but other than that would like to hear honest and constructive feedback please

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    Ok, so you want honest constructive feedback do you? Well here you go:

    The whole forum layout and banner and superb, it's very eye catching and is a forum hybrid, open to anyone and everyone.

    We nearly have 9000 posts and 100 members and we will be 6 weeks old later today.

    What more can I say we have a fantastic contest going at the moment which will be fantastic for the forum.

    The only other thing I can tell other people is come join TheHazey and see what I mean

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    I'm a moderator and I really like the site, very glad to be a moderator and I can't really pick out anything wrong. Keep going with the success.

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    I'm not the biggest fan of the Trebuchet MS/Lucia Grande/Verdana set of fonts phpBB primarily uses, but I am however a fan of your images. There isn't much else to say, you know what you're doing.

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