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  1. Question Tips anyone?

    I have a newly made blog site. Can you give me more tips on how can I make my blog site more attractive? What are the widgets that I should place on the sidebar? Do I need to change the theme/template?

    Here's my blog: JEFusion

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    My first impression was that I immediately liked it. Good job!
    After a few moments of taking it in, here's my view on what you should change / improve:

    * Blog Archive Dropdown Menu (Found at the side)
    It would be better if it was centered.

    I like how your sidebar isn't spammy, with too many widgets and fancy stuff, but perhaps you should encorporate a more personal feel to your blog by adding a simple "About Me" to your sidebar to summarize the author?

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    You had better Update your blog regularly....Good topics and Constant Traffic would make your blog choice for advertisers

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    you must try to spend more time onit and try to make it different from the others
    you must make the home page interesting

  5. As a user, I don't see anything wrong with it.
    However, as a webmaster, it's a blog, so I'm bias against it because I like to see things done the "correct" way (i.e coded by hand)

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    Love the sites layout looks fantastic, I would only make a few minor changes to the site which would be to add the J or a Japanese letter or symbol within the red square logo. I would also consider removing the histats counter and using something else as it can cause the page to load slowly for some users.

    Hope this helped


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