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Thread: top 3 rank for 12 mths to no-where overnight, why?

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    top 3 rank for 12 mths to no-where overnight, why?

    Hi all, my site has been ranking away for between 12 and 18 mths top 3 page one google for most of my keyword searches.
    I have noticed that some time in the past couple of weeks it has not only slipped from its powerful posi but not appearing on page two or three either.
    I,m puzzled as to why and ask if anyone can have a look at it for a much valued opinion. The reason it ranked so strong for so long was solely thanks to the guru,s that visit this site and the collective tips I have accumulated along the way.
    I have looked at seobrowser and received 88% from there and have not altered it in any way from what has always worked. If it ain't broke don't
    touch it !
    Any help would be most appreciated to get it back up there,

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    I see nothing much wrong with the site but your competitors have got better links and even if you were doing okay, Google demanded something more. Just build some more relevant links at a slower pace (to make sure about Google, you're not in a panic mode and started aggressive link building)

    and not to work on aggressive social bookmarking. I see you are overusing them.
    SEO girl...

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    "competitors have got better links and even if you were doing okay"
    This being the case can i simply look at my competitors links and follow these ?

    And how do i know when to slow down the social bookmarking or link building so its not deemed aggressive ? is there a certain amount which is regarded as safe ?

    Thanks for your expertise

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