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Thread: Twitter Background Site - Please Give Me Some Feedback!

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    Twitter Background Site - Please Give Me Some Feedback!

    This is my new twitter background site. I need some of your reviews to make adjustments and correct errors, etc. Please reply with your comments.

    site is :


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    The only feedback I have is consider removing the posting of the sites twitter feed. Other than that great site.

  3. Here's my full review.

    Design: comes up with a bright green-blue color scheme with the exception of the menu bar and footer sporting a fittingly twitter-like logo with a cute but somewhat weird looking bird.

    As it should the homepage highlights a number of twitter backgrounds with nice fairly big background teaser images with tags, number of views and five star rating widget. It's not entirely clear that these are actually most recent (as opposed to, for instance, most popular) backgrounds until noticing that the "new twitter backgrounds" block displays the same backgrounds in the same order as in the main area.

    Aside from that here are some additional improvement suggestions:

    1. "Search for:" text in a search box at the top of the sidebar is a bit redundant while pushing the search button to the next line. It may be better removed to decrease clutter and make the search field and button both neatly display on the same line.

    2. The blue link color in the footer is too dark making it harder to read on top of the black background. Either changing the footer color or changing the color of footer links would solve this.

    3. The actual twitter background pages could be styled a little better. The "Easy Auto Install on twitter" and "background information" blocks are too close to the left border of the page while leaving a white gap between them and the next two blocks ("Manual Install on twitter" and "Background Description"). Adjusting padding and margins for them to be more aligned would by itself improve their appearance and I would recommend further playing with the styling of their elements to come up with something a little less bare and a little more elegant.

    Overall Rating: 7/10


    The only thing that slightly jumps off from the complete integrity of purpose of as simply a site where one can get free twitter backgrounds is the twitter articles section, suggesting not only backgrounds may be offered.

    From the creative name, melding the words "twitter" and "backgrounds" to the title of the introduction and category links, everything screams "twitter backgrounds", which might even be an overkill, but nevertheless leaves site's purpose unambiguous.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    With 34 pages containing 8 twitter backgrounds, and a 35th 5 more there is currently a total of 277 backgrounds available, which is a pretty good number. They're split into a variety of categories and also displayed according to popularity so the reader has some browsing options.

    The homepage offers an introduction which briefly and effectively tells the visitor how to install the background which is made quite easy. However, the introduction has a rather redundant title; "Twitter Backgrounds - Free Twitter Backgrounds". Just having "Free Twitter Backgrounds" would do, even for search engines.

    However, given that does deliver exactly what it promises quite well, daily, it does deserve a top content rating.

    Content Rating: 10/10


    It's easy to imagine the potential of this site given how huge the twitter phenomenon is, but it is equally easy to imagine the number of competing sites that could easily spring up to provide the same service. It is thus important for a site to be exceptional., with a witty and brandable name can be and remain a top player, but certain design improvements would help on the way towards that goal.

    Overall Rating: 9/10

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    Well, the review above me is probably the most extensive review ever and I'm giving you thanks for that (even though this isn't my thread).

    That's an awesome site. Is it a script you purchased? I believe I've seen a site like it before. Very nice! I agree with the 9/10

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