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Thread: Urgent Review Needed!

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    It looks good. The template is a little limited to build out though.

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    themes looks nice, tho I have some suggestions:

    * number of comments bubble looks a bit big (In my opinion)
    * the shadow under title does not match the background

    * share / save buttons container seems to be displaced..
    * comments are missing avatar
    * faded shadow under headers is more user-friendly
    * comment form is a bit far from the "Share you thoughts" header

    good luck

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    Yeah, I'm going to invest in a totally unique theme somewhere down the road, but I wanted to wait until things really started to pick up before doing so. As for the Twitter information at the top, it's simply built into the theme. No external plugins or anything.

    As for the box around the smilies, I'm not sure why that appears. If I can find out how to get rid of it, I will - but until now I'm stuck. Also, I am definitely going to be working on an About Me page so that people can get to know me.

    The share/save button was placed there by a plugin and I'm not really sure how to alter the box that it's in. The comments are missing avatars - and again, I really don't know why, so I assume that's also part of the theme. The small box near the comments where you placed ?? is there by default in case there arises a situation where comments span more than one page. And finally, what do you recommend I do about the shadow headers?

    To be honest, I really don't know much about Wordpress Themes/Design.

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    if you plan to keep this theme for a while I can help you fix these issues

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    yeah you got a good thing going on there i'm highly impressed

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    It works here nice blog!

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    Great theme I'll say. But I also think that this theme little mismatches with 'Make Money Online' niche. Anyway...found no problem so far. I was eager to follow that blue chicken .

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    well i scaned through it and it all looks like its up and ready..
    Benjamin Rubio

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    Quote Originally Posted by muqtada123 View Post
    The design looks fine but not great!
    You should make some changes to look great.
    What changes would you recommend?

    If you are going to make vague comments, please be willing to back your comments with constructive criticism/suggestions on how you believe the site owner can improve his/her site.


    Diet Fads

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