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Thread: Value of My Site

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    Value of My Site

    Hello everyone.

    Back in the beginning of November, I posted a similar thread here, but now that it's the new year I'm looking for some fresh opinions on how much my make money online blog is actually worth. I'm not interested in selling it, I'm just curious as to if my efforts are paying off - I have been investing a lot of time and energy into it.

    Alexa Ranking: 236,253
    Google Page Rank: 3
    Comments: 75 Approved
    Content: 34 Unique Posts - most of which are over 500 words long; 3 pages (1 contact form, 1 regarding guest posting, 1 about our ethical business guarantee and disclaimers)
    Twitter: 765 Followers
    FeedBurner: About 20 subscribers.

    The domain '' is keyword rich and receives a lot of traffic from keywords related to the title alone. I put a lot of SEO efforts into my posts and their titles. I don't have an accurate amount of data on traffic at the moment. So far I've managed to get over a thousand some backlinks for the site and have been promoting it to the best of my ability. It ranks very highly on all sorts of website analyzers, for example:

    SEO Score: 97% -

    All-in-all, it's still a relatively new site and I have been investing tons of effort into making it as great as I can. Countless hours have been spent on SEO configuration, content, linkbuilding and more. There is still a long way to go.

    Anyway - that's about it. Let me know what you think.

    P.S. There are a ton of promotional materials circulating around that bring traffic back to the site. Various free e-books, scripts and other software are out there, created by me. I also put some useful linkbaiting posts on the site - like DMCA Copyright Notice Templates and similar resources. Furthermore, I've been offering free Google Wave invitations and wordpress themes and that is getting the site good exposure as well. These 'features' are great promotional methods and will bring traffic for a long time.

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    The content and promotion of the site are good. My suggestion is to design a custom template that you can get more on the homepage in the way of ads and social media. Take a look at the homepage of I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online - John Chow dot Com

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