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    WebmastersBuzz – Tips and Resources for Webmasters

    Well I started one more new blog based on Webmaster Niche and I will be happy if experts will give some thoughts on it.

    WebmastersBuzz – Tips and Resources for Webmasters

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    You should give the 'About' a nice hover. Like the homepage maybe, try something cool!

    It took some time before I understood that the text beneath the menu is the latest tweet, can't you edit the image and place on left top: 'Latest Tweet' ?

    Why do the 'X Users Online' link to the homepage? It's better to link to nothing than

    All other stuff looks pretty good, although that I'm not a big fan of the design But that's taste ofcourse

    It has good informative articles so I'm sure if you keep it updated daily it could become a success Good luck with the site!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thanks for your tips, I already have 35 Articles which are totall fresh and purchased from Top Class writer from different forums! I will also correct that problem!

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    Looking pretty good! I think there are a few too many fonts and styles going on in the logo. I like what you're going for, but you might want to make it more uniform. You should also center the footer text at the bottom of the page.

    That being said, you have some really great content. I would put in some more personality. You seem to be covering the same old topics (hosting, list building) and while the information is good, there's nothing that pulls me in. Spend some time personalizing your content and readers will be begging to read more.

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    Thanks for pointing me excellent tips, I will work on Content, although I have some articles but will hire someone to write something new for readers!

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