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Thread: Website reviews - what do you look for?

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    Website reviews - what do you look for?

    What are the main things that you look out for when you're reviewing a web site? Visual appearance, non-visual appearance ie. clean uncluttered coding, content?
    Which is most important, which is next most important, etc?

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    What I as a webmaster look at(in order or preference): uncluttered coding, content, SEO, visual appearance, good navigation.

    What I as a visitor look at: Visual appearance, content, good navigation.

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    all of the above but more pleasing to the eye than anything

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    You look for a balance of everything, the most important is your page being very user friendly for the visitors using your site.

    Don't hide important links so they are hard to get too.

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