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Thread: What do you think about DoublePlusHuman?

  1. What do you think about DoublePlusHuman?

    Here's my first review request here.

    This is my main current project and one I have highest hopes for:

    It wasn't meant to be a typical self-improvement blog and instead is supposed to cover a peculiar intersection between self improvement, personal freedom and social change (and activism that may come out of it) promoting certain ideas which wont necessarily always be in line with what is commonly said in the self improvement "movement" if I can call it that or various "freedom" movements on the social change front. I will soon also produce original videos as promotion for it and some videos to make certain points in a powerful and moving way.

    Feel free to comment on anything from design, content that's available so far, structure or the concept.


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    Hi memenode,

    I am not an experienced web designer or writer so please take that into account when reading my first impressions. I am a non-English native speaker.

    Seldom I am visiting sites about self improvement and such but I think your site has a unique combination of subjects.

    The articles have a serious character but maybe this will be appreciated by your target audience. Personally, I like to see bit more humor and a tad spicier kind of language while being professional at the same time.

    Some articles are a bit long in my experience, after 500-600 words I almost always loose interest no matter which subject, but that's just me. Other than that, the language and grammar etc. are setting the standard for me as newbie webmaster.

    The site loads quick and I have no problem viewing it on my tiny 1024 * 600 screen. The design made a religious first impression on me but after browsing through the site seeing I see it more as a spiritual template. (the arrangement of the double plus reminds me of a cross). I like the width selector in the top right corner and the clean and readable design overall.

    I can't really rate the site on a scale because I don't know where to measure against. But overall, the site is what I expected from someone like you as one of the best site reviewers on Netbuilders.


    ps: What kind of audience you are targeting?

  3. Thanks for a good review.

    I think you're right on with most you said. I'll try to make my future articles shorter and more casual which can still be done while keeping the substance.

    I am not too surprised about it leaving a religious first impression to be honest, but I'm not yet sure if that's a good or bad thing. The overall premise does have some arguably spiritual connections, but I don't necessarily think of spiritualism and religion as same (I'm an atheist).

    That the logo reminds of a cross might be a problem though.. if more people have the same impression I might consider modifying that a bit. The intention was to make them be like two stars at the same time as pluses.

    The audience is anyone interested in self improvement and personal freedom basically, that is, any of the related issues such as how to succeed, how to think positively and rationally, what to think of yourself relative to society and how to be free... Specific articles have specific targeting as they address specific issues.


  4. Does this still remind of the cross? I modified the logo a little bit, but this is just one possible version. I'm kinda perfectionist with this stuff...

    The pluses are now more similar in size and none of them are exactly in the middle and above the head so I think a bit of that "cross" dynamic might be lost now while they still look like pluses and could be seen as stars too. What do you think?

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    I apologise for being curt in this "review" I'm only replying to the logo. I like the new one posted in this thread a lot more for your logo over the last. I agree the old offered too much symbolism towards the cross, this new double plus looks much better to me. Though even so the entire top graphic looks a bit "reaching to the heavens" to me.

  6. Thanks, no need to apologize.

    Yeah I'm seriously tempted to just redo the header and use some sort of a vector art which would seem more down to Earth, but still imply a sense of human growth or evolution.. I'm not sure what would it be yet.. The hands up in the air thing is supposed to mean an expression of happiness or enthusiasm and is partly inspired by a few scenes from the movie V For Vendetta when V and Evey experience personal liberation. :P

    But I'm tempted to change that too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by memenode View Post
    Well, I mocked up an alternative header design here.
    I think it's a very nice design, better than the original one. But, I'm missing the 'power' part in the logos. What about the human silhoutte making a jump in the sky ?
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  8. Hmm you might be right.. Jumping in the sky is gonna be difficult especially since the goal is to make the logo relatively simple (it's used in various formats too). I tried tracing the above YesMan image into vector graphics and he turned out looking like a genie jumping out of the bottle.

    I'll try to get it to be more energetic though.. maybe just raising hands on the current silhouette, or just one hand or some other body language... Gonna experiment.


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    I do like the new header design up there so much more. But I also agree with Loko in that the man looks just a tad off. To me, it almost looks as if he's mad, in a defensive stance with the way the arms are. Something showing a bit more enthusiasm would certainly 'bring it on home' unfortunately it seems almost everyone portrays enthusiasm via the ol' jump in the air guy, lol, that's seriously the majority of what you'll find if you google image it (i just did..).


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