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Thread: Would appreciate input on new hosting site

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    Would appreciate input on new hosting site

    Hey everyone. I just recently launched a website located at: Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers :: nux networks

    I would appreciate any input on anything about the site. From prices, layout, design, copy writing, and everything in between.

    Thanks for your time,
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    The layout looks pretty good IMO Nice favicon, and the logo by Aziz is awesome too

    I'd like to know 'as a visitor' how much you could get per affiliate though. Is it a percentage or? You might want to put that on the page.

    Another thing I can't see directly on the homepage is a 'refund' date. This is one of the things hosting people search for, especially with newer hosts.

    A live chat would be cool too, I usually make a live chat just before ordering a hosting package -- just to get to know most of the stuff already.

    Hope it makes sense
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thanks for the great info. A 30 day money back guarantee or something would be an awesome addition.

    For the affiliate stuff I haven't really figured it out. Maybe I could replace that section of the website with the money back guarantee information.
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