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Thread: The WWW Blog

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    The WWW Blog

    Please can you review my blog The WWW Blog

    Let me know your views from all the aspects like design, content etc.
    Would be appreciated a lot!

  2. The theme is nice and simple.
    I feel you can really improvise on the logo.

    And it will look much better if you include this:
    "Observing the Web.. With an apple macbook"
    in the logo itself.

    On the about page it should be:

    "This blog was created on Christmas i.e. 25th. of December 2007."

    As you scroll down the sidebar gets empty. You should utilize it. Maybe with tech trivia or something.

    Chetan,It's a nice blog!
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    Thanks for the review.. actually i did not want to make the page longer as the advertiser would get benefited with good exposure with lesser items in the sidebar!

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    It's a cool blog, here's my review:

    Content - Very good. I read a few articles and enjoyed them all, easy to read. Nice job on that front
    Design - Not too keen on the design, I have to admit. Looks a bit cluttered. The content area is OK but I think the sidebar would look better if the items were spaced out better. Also, I think you should get a logo to liven up the header a bit.
    Advice - Get a logo, also install the 'top commentator' plugin as this should increase your comment count

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    Great site and good content, but I can't bear the flashing banner ads everywhere! Maybe it's because I am really tired, but I believe something should be done about it.

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    Awesome content, but the design needs some fixing up. Feels fairly cluttered and it feels like too much is going on.

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    Kinda generic, but nice layout.

    The ad @ the bottom is overlapping your footer box. Not sure if this is intentional but it doesn't look very good.

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    actually i have no problem with you blog. I love your simple design, it's generated rapidly (need just 10-15 second to open it), the content is OK. But do you think the topic is not too wide? You choose apple, gadgets, and internet as a topic? I think you can more spesific with the topic.

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    Isn't it better to write about something you like, even tough its general, than something you don't really enjoy but is specific?

    And I would say that it isn't that much generic, Macs and gadgets is a nice niche. ;p

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    @nic SEO
    of course your opinion is right. but in purpose of making money from blog, specific topic is a should.
    But since i find there is not too many ads, i assume this site is not for making money. Then it's OK

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