[b]5. Keyword Positioning – where to place your main keywords[
a) Keyword in title tag <title></title>
b) Keyword in Description Meta-tag
c) Keyword in Keyword Meta-tag
d) Keyword in Page Contents
e) H1, H2 and H3 (Heading)
5a. Keyword in title tag <title> . . . </title>
• Keep your title short, roughly 20 – 60 characters
• Include your targeted keywords in your title. Place your most targeted phrases at the beginning.
• Titles appear in search engine listings; a short, attractive title may help make users click through to your site.
• Avoid: missing titles, irrelevant titles, welcome titles etc.
• Use different titles for every page.

Relevant Links:
5b. Keyword in Description Meta-tag
<meta name="description" content=" … "/
• Describe your page in Meta description tag in max. 200 characters.
• Include your targeted keywords in your description.
• Some search engines display Description tag info along with the title in SERP so write it to grab users’ attention.
5c. Keyword in Keyword Meta-tag
<meta name="keywords" content="keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, …"/>
• Keep the tag to a maximum of 10 key phrases and separated by comma (,)
• Every keyword listed under keyword tag should appear at least once in your web page content (body). If not, the keyword will be considered as irrelevant spam.
• Some search engines avoid this tag. But, you shouldn’t.
• Avoid repeating keywords
• Only use keywords that are relevant to your page contents.
5de. Keyword in Page Contents &
H1, H2 and H3 (Heading)
• Your keywords should appear at a ratio of once every 20 words.
• If you do not have much text in your web page, ensure you have it displayed at least once.
• Most relevant keywords should be near the beginning of the content (body) and also in large fonts.
• Use your targeted phrases in paragraph headings and in the beginning paragraphs.
• Don't use techniques such as keyword stuffing or invisible text.
• Place your most relevant keywords in H1 tag, secondary keywords in H2 and H3 tags.
Keyword Font Styles
• Your keywords should be placed in tags which will emphasize the keywords such as Strong, Bold, Italic or Underline styles and even in larger fonts.
Image ALT Tags
• Images should be described using ALT tags. You should use ALT tag to describe the images; not to list your keywords.