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Thread: Am I good with SEO?

  1. Am I good with SEO?

    Hey guys,

    I'm optimizing a web site which has standard pages and pages, which are displayed only for users.

    Should I optimize each page or it's fine if I optimize only NOT loged in pages?

    Search engines, can't read those pages which are only for registered users, right?

    Waiting for some good tips!
    Thank you!
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    If search engines are blocked then there is no need for keyword optimization.

    In fact you want to resist SE optimization in case you made a mistake with your exclusion code.

    Surely you will have a login mechanism with sessions or whatever where the SE's can't see your inner pages anyway?

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    Right, you don't need to optimize for those pages since we usually block SEs from indexing the registering or logging entrance on our site via robots.txt or other technology.

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    Any page that requires you to log in to see it doesn't get crawled by the search engines. Therefore there is no reason to optimize it.

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