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Thread: Avoid Making These SEO Mistakes

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    Avoid Making These SEO Mistakes

    There are always changes being made to the search engine algorithms and how they index sites. With these changes, you should be able to follow through in making your site most effective to search crawlers. There are tons of sites online with very bad search engine optimization. The most basic concept of SEO is onsite SEO, which deals with titles, keywords and descriptions. If you fail to notice these minor issues, you will greatly lose out on the benefits of being able to generate free targeted traffic. Throughout the rest of this context, we will be looking at some of the SEO mistakes you should avoid.

    If search engine traffic and the ability to rank high for competitive search terms are important to you, then you should focus greatly on the domain that you are going to use. A number of webmasters use irrelevant domain names and just slap on some content to build a site. Yes, this is a site with come unique content, but does it look natural to viewers or search engines? The robotic and thinking infrastructure of a search engine has become so advanced in recent years, it can now use ALU like systems to compare and pick out relevance. Just because you can get a high PR domain, it doesn’t mean you should use it for any type of site. Relevance is important for SEO!

    Focus greatly on the onsite SEO of your site, which includes all the aspects that fall in the head section of your site. If your site is about baby cribs, make sure to include the most relevant and targeted keywords in that niche. You can use keyword research tools to find keywords that bring in the most searches with the lowest amount of searches. Using these keywords and queries in your titles, descriptions and content will be great for the SEO of your site.

    With the recent Google Panda Update, there have been some changes that many site owners have been making. This update dealt with sites that used duplicate and low quality content, and it devalued their rankings on search engines. The largest goal for Google as a search engine is to provide the most relevant and highest quality content. If they feel that sites are not up to par with these guidelines, they will certainly devalue the sites. As a site owner, you need to make sure that you would actually find your own content to be unique and useful. Anything less than that and it is considered to be under-value.

    In an effort to increase page rank authority, some people purchase links from other high PR sites. Just because you are not publicizing the fact that it is a link sale, it does not mean that Google does not know. If something comes up as a red flag on their system, it will be reviewed by a human to authenticate the validity. All links, despite the fact that they may be paid links should be referred under the friend URL parameter and should be no-follow.

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    That's a very good piece of information you have shed some light on. SEO has always been more influential to the change and the content. Transparency is what Google looks for in a website, the more the better and in-turn will be more liked by Google. There are plenty of other things too but this will without a doubt form the pillars.

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    The effect of not obeying the panda updates and penguin updates has already started. Many sites have negatively penalized. Thanks for sharing the same.

  4. Yes I am agree with your explanation. But for some method that you share, I have try all method, but I don't know, why our site nothing traffics increase for few month.

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    But for some method that you share, I have try all method, but I don't know.
    What a load of spun content robotic BS

  6. That explains no one is buying links and buying banner ads. they're forcing new comers to go adwords.

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    There are still buyers out in the wild, but they are not willing to pay enough to bother with.

    Even facebook is having a hard time getting new advertisers.

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    saturation always comes, there are opportunities whenever a thing or idea is new,after that margins or usefulness shrinks

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