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Thread: is it better to build links to a sinlge post or to the index of the site itself?

  1. is it better to build links to a sinlge post or to the index of the site itself?

    sunce i found out that one of my blog niche has lots of competitors to this keyword, i now try to optimize just a post so is it better to build links to a sinlge post or to the index of the site itself? which one shall rank better.

  2. Build links to whichever URL you want to rank. Except for EMD's (Exact Match Domains), I normally want content pages to rank and I don't care about the index page. On EMD's, I normally only want the index page to rank.

    If your target keyword is "gold fish", which is more about gold fish -- the content page or the index page?
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    I agree with Will's statements, but I would break it into a short-term and long-term plan.

    Take advantage of the exact match domain bonus and promote that when it exists. On other domains, point your links to article pages that you wish to promote.

    It would be a good idea to point links to inner pages in exact match domains after you have secured a strong 1, 2 or 3 position, but focus on that top position first.

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    Yeah, focus on building links using your keywords to your inner pages.

    Since you mentioned blogs, an easy way is to comment on blogs that use the "link love" plugin. This is cool because it grabs your latest blog post and adds a do-follow link to your last post, much like NetBuilders does for our last blog post in the forum sidebar.

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    I have learned in my old age that now promoting a new blog post is better than promoting the main page.
    One thing is that by using the blog post url, I do not have to worry in the future about someone wanting that information and they end up on the main page of the blog and then they have to spend time searching to find the page they wanted.

    Plus this way, google and other search engines will better index those inner pages.

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    It depends on your targets, traffic or PR
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tekel View Post
    It depends on your targets, traffic or PR
    Yeah! That's correctly said in my opinion. What you set out to achieve is the determining factor but they are various ways to achieve this.

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    What I will do is first send backlinks to main domain. Once your domain have some command over the search engine atleast for the domain KW, I will build backlink for pages. Our main domain is the trunk of a tree and pages are like branches.

    All the best.

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    There are time when building back-links to a particular page of your site is way better than building back-links to your homepage. Let's say that you have something that you are trying to offer, try to get that page ranked for your targeted keywords can be more effective. I am not quite sure which one of the page might rank better, but I still think that doing deep linking to your inner page can certainly help your site. That's how many websites achieve double listing in the search results.

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    It depends on your site, and your goal

    If you have a small site (say, a affiliate site with an exact match domain), then mainly link to your target page.

    If you are trying to develop a larger website, especially if you want to build a long term brand, then I would:

    1) link to your target page (most relevant) with your main keyterm as an anchor.

    2) link to your target page (most relevant) with a variant of your main keyterm as an anchor

    3) link to your root domain with your site name (if your site is, say,, then link to it with the anchor Net Builders) <-- This can help build your brand. Since Google's Vince update back in 2009 (I think it was '09!), Google has been putting more weight on branding, and site name as an anchor in links is suspected to be one of the (many) triggers.

    4) link to your root domain with your site url as the anchor ( <--- This helps to build a natural backlink profile.

    In addition, it can help to link to your root domain with anchor text that is related to your keyterms.

    These are just my opinions, however there have been formed over quite a few tests, and a decent success rate so far

    Open to hearing your thoughts

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