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Thread: Check your page load speed

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    Check your page load speed

    In the Chrome browser there is an awesome tool to check the load speed of various parts of your web site. Also, you can confirm that the server response codes such as 301 redirect are working OK.

    Also, you can see how many HTTP requests are involved when delivering your page, and how fast the DOM (code) is loaded compared to the whole page with images etc.

    I just press F12 to access this tool.

    Here is a screen shot of one of my sites in the Network Tab showing the load times.

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    Website page loading speed is important for your targeted audience and fast loading page will reduce bounce rate of the site page. As a regular web user, we expect fast loading page from the website for the best user-experience. We do not want to wait long for a page that will provide us what we need.

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    Website page loading is important but do you have any idea within how many seconds it should load? my website is taking 3.12 secs.

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    You are losing visitors if your site takes that much time to load!
    One second is the max time it should take to load a site.
    What happens is people load up too many graphics, too many graphics that are pulled from other sites, and horribly ugly header graphics that are too heavy on pixels and size.

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    I'm amazed at the number of otherwise credible sites that have so many ads loading it takes an insufferable time to load... then you have a couple of popups to deal with and maybe an autoplay video. I dont care what their content is at that point... they are off the list.
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    You can turn off autoplay if you are using chrome as your browser.
    Discovered that one after getting pissed at yet another video blaring out at me.
    And it is weird that after all these years, more and more sites using popups.
    Especially those popups that jump at you when you mouse over some word or link.

    News sites are the worse.

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    News sites are where I generally run into the problem.
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    News sites are notorious for having too much advertising and too many analytics systems. You can sometimes watch the status bar for 20 to 30 seconds and see more things being loaded.

    I use a FireFox plugin called Ghostery that allows you to selectively block spyware and tracking software. A little popup displays the list of trackers used by a site. Most news sites have over 20 advertising and tracking systems running.

    Reuters uses 35 analytics and tracking tools.
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