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Thread: Do Xhtml Valid sites get better SEO results ?

  1. Do Xhtml Valid sites get better SEO results ?


    I have been unsure about this... if my site is validated for xhtml 1.0 strict will this help its SEO and google rankings... ?

    The site i am talking about is as it has like 400 errors


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    Nope. It will not make any difference at all.

    What does help is reducing the amount of code relative to the amount of content and moving the content as close as you can to the top of the script. Most XHTML sites use divs instead of tables, which reduces the amount of code, but you can do the same thing with an HTML 4.0 site and get the same results with search engines.

    Regardless of which coding standard you use, it sometimes helps to eliminate all of the errors because it makes the code easier for spiders to parse and makes the site render faster and more reliably across different browsers.

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    I tend to like to think that it does but it doesnt. Good thing is that you will be sure that if site is properly coded then you will be sure that there cant be problem on that side with robots and indexing. Also site properly coded are usually smaller one and better optimized so robots can index them faster.

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    Validating a site with XHTML will not help in improving your site's ranking. It is way to get rid of errors related to scripting and other codings.

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