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Thread: Do You Trust SEO Companies With Your Sites?

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    Good article from SEOMOZ: SEO Pricing & Costs - What Should You Charge / How Much Should You Pay? | SEOmoz

    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    I've done a little freebie consulting for friends, and we've gotten good results. It isn't brain surgery, especially where competitors

    weren't doing the right things. Often as simple as on-site tweaks to not shoot themself in the foot, a handful of submissions to the right

    places, and a time investment in linkbuilding they can do themsef to increase visibility.

    Didnt charge him, but could easily have gotten him to refer me to paying clients IF that's the field I wanted to enter. Still since most wont

    spend time in here learning.. those that do can charge for staying up with how to get good rankings.
    The basic problem offering SEO services is that you need procedures, lists, SEM plans, reliable vendors etc. Doing work on a couple of sites, you basically need to re-invent the wheel. A SEO company should have everything in place. So that they are providing good services and making money.

    I think that the problem starts when the SEO guy realizes that this is going to be a lot more time than he thought and there the problem starts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mafiamaster View Post
    An automated audit tool is never as good as a true audit. That's why I only do true audits. However, I'd never do an audit without being

    compensated first. So, you want to get the audit and the action plan, see them, and then pay me? How does that make sense to me? It goes back

    to the whole principle of hiring the right SEO. If you hire someone who is reputable or knows what they're talking about, the audit and

    action plan are worth paying for in advance...Or, at least working out a 50/50 agreement.
    Usually an audit costs around $500 at the low end.

    Quote Originally Posted by ericmiller View Post
    I hire Va for small Seo project, I haven't yet given any big SEO projects to the service provider.
    Most likely you will need to micromanage the VA. But this can work for a small shop.

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    Yeah, I would never do an audit for less than $500. In many instances, an audit actually looks more like $1,000, especially if I am taking a look at an ecommerce site. In the end, it all depends how many pages there are.

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    I know this is an old thread, however...

    I would always (ALWAYS!) ask to talk with existing clients.

    It may be that an SEO agency has to ask their clients permission before giving out their contact details, which is fine (in fact, it is quite good - means they are less likely to give your details out without permission!) - but they should be HAPPY to do this

    If you can't speak to exisiting clients, then walk away. At the end of the day, testimonials can be fake, or years old! - Speaking with existing clients can give you a good idea of how the SEO company operate.

    I would ask for 1 long term client, and 1 new client's contact details, to get an idea how they perform both short-term, and long-term

    Only then would I consider using them.

    That is what I suggest, as there are shed loads of seo firms out there who have lots of testimonials on their websites, from clients they have not worked with for years! - For that reason if you can't speak with existing clients, I really wouldn't bother with the SEO company - I work for an SEO agency, and so I can speak from experience when I say any decent seo agency/company or even freelancer should be happy to put you in touch with existing clients, new and old (like I say, they may need to get permission first, which is okay I feel).

    Just my thoughts - hope it helped!

  4. I would definitely try to speak with at least a few existing clients. Just like doing business with someone who is going to remodel your home, or even put a new roof on your home, you'd want to speak with some references. Also, you might want to also see some existing rankings--let the SEO firm give you a few examples of their current clients and where they are currently ranking.

    If you want a few more questions to ask your potential SEO firm, go ahead and ask these. There are about 40 of them below, I originally posted them on my blog:

    What type of search engine optimization techniques do you use to achieve search engine rankings?
    What type of risk is involved with your method of search engine optimization?
    What will happen if our relationship is dissolved?
    Can you show me examples of past work?
    What was the client’s ROI of their search engine optimization efforts?
    Can you give me references? Can I talk to one or more of your current search engine optimization clients?
    What type of volume increase in traffic is reasonable to expect from search engine optimization?
    How long until I start to see results?
    What would you expect from OUR end to aid your work?
    What were some of your top search ranking achievements?
    What types of internet marketing services do you offer to supplement your SEO (search engine optimization) offerings?
    Will my web site point to your web site?
    How many number one search engine rankings you have achieved for your clients?
    How long have you been providing search engine optimization services?
    Are you an individual consultant or are you part of a search engine optimization team?
    How long have you and your search engine optimization team been online?
    What types of web sites will you not promote?
    Do you participate and/or, are you a moderator for any of the SEO – Search Engine Optimization / SEM – Search Engine Marketing Forums? If so, what is your username and can you provide links to your most recent or notable discussions?
    Can you describe and/or produce recent successful search engine optimization campaign results?
    If so, can I use those clients for references?
    Do you have web site design experience?
    What is your technical background?
    What types of programming environments are you experienced with?
    What are your opinions in regards to Best Practices for the SEO – Search Engine Optimization / SEM – Search Engine Marketing industry? How does a company effectively compete online using traditional optimization strategies?
    Can you assure us that the search engine optimization strategies and methods that you are utilizing fall under the criteria of Best Practices for the SEO/SEM Industry? Can we assume that this means no penalties for our website?
    How many search engine optimization campaigns have you been involved with?
    What was your role for those projects?
    How many of those search engine optimization projects are still active?
    How many of those search engine optimization projects inactive?
    If inactive, why?
    Do you have experience managing PPC – Pay Per Click, CPC – Cost Per Click, and other bid management campaigns?
    What types of programs do you use for PPC bid management?
    Are there any guarantees for top search engine positions if we decide not to use a PPC program?
    The web sites we are currently linked to have no rank, which means to me that these links are useless.
    What linking strategies would you use to increase link popularity for our website?
    Is this service part of the proposed price? What types of websites will you target for link exchange?
    Our main competitor’s Google PageRank falls between 1 and 3. How would you address improving our PageRank with Google, and other search engines that calculate the number of quality inbound links to our website? Is it possible to rank higher than our competitors?
    What changes can we expect you to make to our website to improve our positioning in the search engines?
    Will these search engine optimization changes be visible?
    Will there be changes in the coding of our website?
    What type of reporting (website log analysis) will you provide to us? How often will you provide those reports? Will you provide consultation on how to interpret the reports so that we have a basic understanding of the statistics?
    Do you offer ROI analysis? Is this in addition to your contract pricing? Please explain the process of how the ROI will be determined.
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    Choosing SEO Companies to optimized your site would take a big decision. Choose those sites who has high credibility.

  6. So, hazelnice, how would YOU go about choosing a site that has high credibility?
    Need links? Try AuthorLinks where you can buy or sell links based on Authorship and Klout score. Check out my blog or like me on Facebook.

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