Apparently Google are penalizing Exact Match Domain sites that they think have low-quality content.

But I feel that they have failed since my site that generates American Names is unfairly penalized since it does exactly what it proclaims to do and has some unique relevant content on the topic on the home page. There is not a lot to write on the topic of generating American names, so I don't see the point of building out the site.

Now, the top search result description is: "The random name generator uses data from the US Census to randomly generate male and female names. Use it for screenplays, fake id's, car rentals, pick-up", so aimed at criminals more than say coming up with ideas for a baby name.

The 2nd result is for a Fake Name Generator.

The 3rd result is a scam to look up your Native American Name - like you are a descendant of an Apache Indian or whatever tribe your ancestors didn't come from.

How did your EMD sites fare in this latest update?