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Thread: Google Can Now Crawl More JavaScript Links

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    Google Can Now Crawl More JavaScript Links

    Vanessa Fox recently published an excellent article, Google I/O: New Advances In The Searchability of JavaScript and Flash, But Is It Enough?

    The article covers a lot of great topics, but one of the most interesting points to me was that Googlebot is now a lot better at crawling links in JavaScript.

    The examples Vanessa lists of JavaScript that Googlebot can now execute are:

    • <div onclick="document.location.href=''">
    • <tr onclick="myfunction('index.html')"><a href="#" onclick="myfunction()">new page</a>
    • <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick=" ('welcome.html')">open new window</a>

    She goes on to specifically state "These links pass both anchor text and PageRank."

    It looks like I have some sites to update! These sites are using JavaScript links, and they could be subject to Google penalties for linking to bad neighborhoods!

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