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Thread: Google parameter handling

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    Google parameter handling

    Do you guys checked the new tool in the Google webmaster tools dashboard under settings?

    Now you can avoid internal duplicates and tell Google that you want to ignore some category names.

    Check their blog they try to give the main lines: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: New parameter handling tool helps with duplicate content issues
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    Unfortunately this ONLY fixes such a problem for Google and NOT other search engines. IMO using Google's WMT prefered domain (www vs. non-www) setting and the parameter omission feature are a bad idea. Canonicalization issues affect all search engines, and using prioprietary fixes in Google WMT only fixes it for Google.

    You are much better off using 301 redirects to fix www vs non-www canonicalization issues and avoid the use of querystring parameters (implement search engine friendly URLs instead) to fix the parameters issue. Querystring parameters are a deathnail in any site's SEO and should be avoided at all costs IMO.

    I suppose if you don't know how to implement 301 redirects and how to implement search engine friendly URLs (avoiding querystring parameters) then it's better than nothing... but if you can't come up with a better solution than Google's WMT to fix these types of issues, you're not much of a webmaster/SEO.

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    I agree with you that using a 301 redirects to fix www vs non-www canonicalization issues should be done on site with htaccess.

    For example in my system cart I cannot avoid querystring parameters generated on the database, I just have an option to activate a html or ASP page which duplicate each product page in the site. I can manually remove the function that duplicate the page querystring but it removes also other vital functions on my system cart.

    I blocked querystring pages on the robot.txt, but it seems like it wasn't enough. I cannot block the pages in htaccess, because they need to be live to connect the optional function to the html or Asp pages.

    I am glad that Google allowed this new function, because it indicates that these querystring pages are worthless but need to be live in the background.
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