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Thread: Is Google recently devaluated Internal links ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Elements View Post
    Many pages dropped from #1 to #4, #5 and #6, not gone but it seems like big brands take over the highest positions. I beleive that Google gives more weight for brands, and it could be more weight on the affiliate/PPC marketing sites backlinks.

    Maybe that's me, or something else is going on.
    It could be that internal links still count the same, but now "big brand sites" count more, and thus jumped above you...

    That said, I kept your question in mind, and yesterday noticed a page that used to rank well with internal links only now doesn't... so maybe you stumbled onto something here...
    I could see google deciding to de-value internal links since they are controlled by the webmaster and aren't "independent votes"...
    Interesting thread you started here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garfish View Post
    is this also the reason why they didn't update site PRs entirely?
    Most likely. Usually the PR export comes as "general housekeeping" after whatever else they are doing.

    Though, it really doesn't matter. Because, PR values are exported to the toolbar and are already "out-of-date" by the time they are exported.

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