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Thread: H1 tags. How much is too much?

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    Thanks Hellas for that info. I am checking it out now..

    @Zash, In your website, each page that you create has to be optimised for a certain keyword. Suppose you have a dog training website..then you must have something like "Dog Training Guides" in your home page in h1 tags. But in this website you will make posts on say, "How to Train German Shepard" if you use "Dog Training Guide" in h1 tags in this post, then it will be tough for you to rank for that KW cos it is too competitive.

    But, if you put "How to Train German Shepard" in h1 tags then your chances of getting SE traffic rises...

    Checkout these links for more info:

    WordPress SEO - Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
    Semantic HTML and Search Engine Optimization - Opera Developer Community

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    One <h1> per page... Headers are made for structuring the content on the page. The <h1> should sum up what the entire page is about (and should reinforce your targeted keyword phrase from your <title>). Since every page on your site should be targeting a sing keyword phrase (or possibly 2-3 if they are VERY similar), each page should have a single topic... and a single <h1>.

    On your post page the <h1> is typically the title of the post.

    On the home page post titles are typically <h2>s.

    You don't HAVE to have an <h1> on your home page. But if you do it should target the same targeted keyword phrase(s) as the <title> of the home page (or a slight variation). It should generally reflect the overall theme of the entire site.

    Multiple <h2>s and sometimes <h3>s are fine... But limit the number of <h1>s on the page to one!

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    that is what I am talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    Wait for someone who is little bit better with english and can do better explanation.
    Your explanation was fine.

    The <h1> tag should be used for whatever you want a page to rank for. On the home page, this is usually the name of the site. On inner pages, it is usually the article title or the name of the page. Using the same <h1> tag on more than two pages is not recommended.

    The <h2> tag is useful for paragraph headers, as is the <h3> tag.

    Showing one thing to humans and another to robots is known as "cloaking" and can get you into trouble with search engines -- depending upon how they view your "intent". In most cases I try to avoid anything that tricky.
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    For general websites, I roughly stick to this very simple rule:

    The maximum number of <hx> tags to use is x.

    So, on any given page of a website, it works like this:

    One <h1> tag for the main header of the page (the website header/banner).
    Up to two <h2> tags, for the main "topics" of that page.
    Up to three <h3> tags, for the sub-sections of those topics.
    Up to four <h4> tags, for any sub-sub-sections, if you really need them.

    If I find myself breaking this rule, then that normally means that I'm trying to fit too much onto one page, and it would be better off split up into separate pages!

    With blogs, some people like to have loads of (excerpts of) posts listed on the front page; in that case, the rule can be stretched a bit (but I don't like that approach).

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    Some good information here

    AS far as i know title tag shd be 65 characters
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    Use Header tags to highlight keywords and title. If you use more header tags, it could be consider as a spam.

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