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Thread: Homepage Deindexed?! WHY?!

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    Homepage Deindexed?! WHY?!

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    I can't seem to find the homepage on Google! Everything else is there.

    Would could be the cause of this, and how do I fix it? Thank you!

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    Best way to find out is going to your Webmaster tools > Diagnostics > Crawl Errors

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    The Google Webmaster Panel says:
    "No known errors"

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    that's weird.

    1) check your robots.txt
    2) check if your sitemap is valid and resubmit it
    3) check if the index.php has any weird code lines
    4) check .htaccess

  5. did you somehow indulged on any unethical techniques?

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    It is indexed. Check this : Google

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snak3 View Post
    It is indexed. Check this : Google
    oh that was temporary then.

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