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Thread: How are Blogs Beneficial in SEO

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    We are talking about blogs and how they help you.

    Not a discussion about getting links in blogs.

    Pay attention and read before you make statements.

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    one of the most important benefits of a blog has nothing to do with search engine traffic, but everything to do with the way you interact with your users. Blogs are easier for users to browse, search and interact with through comments, ratings and other features. They are a more personal format than the traditional website, and make it easier for you to engage with the community of readers which makes up your client base whilst helping them to browse the relevant parts of your website at their convenience.

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    Blogging today is a great task to do for internet marketing. It is a place to get quality back links from. Make sure back links are qualitative. It helps grow your business and increase web traffic.

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    Blogs are very helpful for creates quality of content and increased number of visitors.

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    Honestly, I have never had the need to use an SEO plugin. A well written theme has everything you need for SEO. For example, most of the sites that I build use Thesis by The theme itself has modified all of appropriate admin screens (add post, add page, etc.) so that it exposes options to setting everything that you would want to from an SEO perspective. The Genesis framework from is another great theme. But Thesis is my favorite hands down, as is evidences by it being used by lots of great SEOs like Michael Gray, Rae (Sugarea) Hoffman, etc. Even Cutts uses it for his blog.

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    SEO plugins are useful for publishers running Adsense to insert keywords. Adsense uses meta keywords that are on target to the page and site to serve ads. Google doesn't use meta keywords to rank sites, but Bing does use them as a signal.

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    Blog site could be beneficial or can hurt your site's performance. We don't just blog and make post everyday or once a week as a blogger we create interesting and informative content for your targeted audience to make them benefited in the long run.

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