If you’ve run various web searches online, you may have realized that a large percentage of the results are for blogs. These blogs are either run on Wordpress, Blogger or some other type of platform. A handful of online web blogs are run on Wordpress, which makes it one of the most robust and powerful platforms available for free. Apart from the easy level of use, Wordpress offers users with a great SEO benefit. In many cases, it isn’t just the blog that does all the SEO work, but rather the various plugins available for it. Throughout this article, I’m going to be sharing some of the reasons as to why blogs are beneficial in SEO.

As you may or may not know, blogs have a ton of great features like commenting, trackbacks, and RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Small features such as these could greatly help the blog owner in many ways. The commenting feature is great for blog readers to discuss and post issues. These on-topic comments will get indexed over time and be good enough for you to start ranking for some of the terms.

Blogs are quick to get indexed, even if it is a brand new one. If you’ve ever put up a blog without any content, you may have noticed that it got indexed fairly quickly. Blogging platforms are built with a significant amount of on-site SEO work done on them. All it takes is for you to provide the script with your domain name, site title and slogan. The rest is automatically done to enhance the search rankings of your website.

There are a number of special plugins that you can use for your blog which would help with increasing the SEO benefits. A ton of SEO plugins exist on the market and they are all available for free. One popular SEO plugin for Wordpress is “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can specify SEO titles, keywords and descriptions for all the pages and posts on your blog. This is a great addition to the already superb ranking system offered by Wordpress.

In the settings section of your Wordpress admin area, you will see a few settings related to the SEO of your site. You can choose to make your blog invisible to search engines or you can have it fully available to search crawlers. Alternatively, with the use of robots.txt files, you could specify the pages and directories that you want to hide from search engines. Sitemaps are important; as they help search engines better index your site. You can create your own XML sitemap using plugins available for Wordpress. These sitemaps should then be uploaded to webmaster portals available from Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.

So, as you can see, a blog is a great way to build a site that you want to get indexed right away. Over time, as you keep updating content on a daily basis, the search spiders will come by every day to index your new pages.